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Ionospheric Sciences

Effects of Solar Eclipse on VLF Signal

A Solar Eclipse provides us an exciting opportunity to study the Very Low Frequency (3 to 30 kHz) propagation effects under a controlled experimental condition where the extreme ultraviolet and the X-rays from the sun are totally blocked by the moon. So far we have studied three Solar eclipses in Indian sub continent and beyond using multi-station VLF campaign.

Total Solar Eclipse, July 22, 2009

The data from 4 h to 20 h (IST) at (a) Kathmandu (b) Malda, (c) Khukurdaha, (d) Raiganj, (e) Salt Lake and (f) Pune (right). The blue curves represent the normal diurnal behavior (average of the day before and after the eclipse) at different places and the red curves represent the diurnal behavior on solar eclipse day at those places (see Chakrabarti et al., 2012, JASTP).

Annular Solar Eclipse, January 15, 2010:


The normalised variation of NWC (19.8 kHz) signal amplitude (left) before, on and after the eclipse day (15th).

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We have a plan to study the inospheric effects of upcoming total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 visible in North America using our VLF/LF instruments.