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Ionospheric Sciences

VLF Study at Antarctica


Indian Centre for Space Physics, Kolkata (ICSP) participated in the 27th Indian Antarctica expedition, 2007-2008 during the summer period to examine the characteristics of the lower ionosphere along a long VLF propagation path, effects of solar activities in the polar region and the possible seismic correlation with ionospheric anomalies. Mr. S. Sasmal of ICSP installed a 30 ft × 30 ft × 15 ft crossed loop Stanford AWESOME VLF antenna at the Maitri station (Lat. 70 degree 45 min 57 sec , Long. 11 degree 44 min 09 sec E). The data were recorded from 5th January to 15th February 2008 for several propagation paths. The recorded signal of Indian transmitter (named VTX at 18.2 kHz) was found to be consistent and stable.

The Great circle path between the VTX transmitter and Maitri station (left) and Mr. S. Sasmal with the VLF antenna at Antarctica (right).


[Left] Narrow-band VTX data at 18.2 kHz at Maitri station on two days (27th January and 6th February, 2008). [Right] Samples of the narrow-band data from several stations on 27th January, 2008. The upper panel is for VTX (18.2 kHz), the middle is for NWC (19.8 kHz) and the lower is for DHO (23.4 kHz).