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Instrumentation for Space Exploration


Introduction: Lab facilities aid in all the performance and quality outputs from the laboratory. We have the state-of-the art laboratory with modern, automatic equipments. Most of the systems starting from concept, design, fabrication, packaging, testing and validation are done in our laboratory. The most important part is most of the lab facilities are designed by our scientits and engineers.

Testing Facilities:

Whenever a space research involved, one has to go through rigorous testing. All the components that are used to make the system for a flight, has to go through extensive tests in vacuum, cryogenic temperature so as to be sure whether they can take up the stress during the flight. All the instruments have to be properly calibrated and tested in a setup similar to the one we send for our experiments.

Vacuum_Chamber Belljar

Vacuum Chamber:

Vacuum chamber is one of the most cruical test bench for our experiments. Whenever the balloon is about 40 Km above the earth surface, the surroundings become almost vacuum. Each and every equipments, hence, required to be tested in such a situation in our laboratory and the vacuum chamber has a role there. The chamber is equipped with scientific grade Borosilicate glass-made belljar, modern digial pessure gauge, connectivity with the instruments during test with outside facilities such as a computer etc.

Vacuum_Chamber Belljar

Cooling Chamber:

Cooling chamber is a facility to test instruments in cryogenic temperature. Each and every components need to be tested whether they can withstand cryogenic temperature to maximize the probability of a successful mission. This chamber is particularly useful for calibrating temperature sensors. Mosty importantly this chamber is built by our engineers and scientists in our own lab.


Production Facilities:

We have a very well organized setup with highly skilled trained professionals able to deliver cutting edge performance in implementing the most complex designs. All the parts of a system from mechanical housing, PCB, Final setup for deployment are done in our laboratoy.

PCB Protomat:

The PCB protomat is a very sophisticated robotic machine which automatically makes circuit layouts over PCB boards. The machine is operable by a software running on a PC connected to the protomat.


Milling & Fitting:

We have a small yet well setup of a mini workshop for making hardwares. Modern equipments, skilled and experienced staffs have made the team self-dependent.

Grinder Detector3Inch