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Night Sky Watching Programme

ICSP regularly allows visits from colleges and universities for quality sky-watching using the largest telescope in eastern India(24 inches in diameter). These visits are guided by the most competent scientists and engineers of ICSP
These visits are of following types:
a) One-day visit, minimum 10 persons, charges Rs. 650.00 per person including two meals and a night stay on a sharing basis, usually students are presented with several astronomy lectures and get to watch the night sky with various telescopes. The journey to and from the facility is at the visitors' own expense.
b) 7-day visit: These visits are of 7 days in duration, Rs. 650 per day per person for accommodation, food, and other expenses. If visitors want to complete a project under expert guidance and want to receive a certificate then an additional Rs. 2500.00 will be charge. This will start from July,2023.

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