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Dr. Tamal Basak

Assistant Professor -II

✔ Solar-ionosphere-terrestrial interaction
✔ Propagation effects of sub-ionospheric radio wave
✔ Numerical modelling of lower ionospheric dymamics
✔ Space weather effects
✔ Variabilities of climatological parameters

As an Ionospheric Physicist, I am an Assistant Professor in Indian Centre for Space Physics, Kolkata (ICSP). Before I joined here, I was in Amity University Kolkata. Prior to that I was in the University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan. I did my doctoral research at S. N. Bose National Center for Basic Sciences, Kolkata. I was selected for the 'URSI - InRaSS Young Indian Radio Scientist Award' in 'Asia Pacific Radio Science Conference 2019'.

• Tamal Basak, Y. Hobara, S. Pal, T. Nakamura, J. Izutsu, T. Minatohara, Modeling of Solar Eclipse effects on the sub-ionospheric VLF/LF signals observed by multiple stations over Japan, Advances in Space Research, doi:10.1016/j.asr.2023.09.063, 2024 (ISSN: 0273-1177)
• S. Chakraborty, K. Aryan, T. Roy, S. K. Midya and Tamal Basak, Quantitative analysis of lower ionospheric response time delay associated to the solar flares, Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica, doi:10.1007/s40328-022-00390-8, Volume 57, Issue 3, Pages 447-459, 2022 (ISSN: 2213-5820)
• S. Chakraborty and Tamal Basak, Numerical analysis of electron density and response time delay during solar flares in mid-latitudinal lower ionosphere, Astrophysics and Space Science, doi:10.1007/s10509-020-03903-5,Volume 365, Issue 12, 2020
• Tamal Basak, S. K. Chakrabarti, Effective recombination coefficient and solar zenith angle effects on low-latitude D-region ionosphere evaluated from VLF signal amplitude and its time delay during X-ray solar flares, Astrophysics and Space Science, doi:10.1007/s10509-013-1597-9, Vol. 348, Issue 2, pp. 315-326, 2013
• S. Palit, Tamal Basak, S. K. Mondal, S. Pal and S. K. Chakrabarti, Modeling of the Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio wave signal profile due to solar flares using the GEANT4 Monte Carlo simulation coupled with ionospheric chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, doi:10.5194/acp-13-9159-2013, Vol. 13, pp. 9159-9168, 2013


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