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Dr. Sourav Palit

Assistant Professor -II

My research interests span Earth and Space sciences to Astronomy and Astrophysics.
1. Currently, I am associated with the Daksha mission, which is a proposed all sky X-ray/soft gamma ray monitor of extreme space transients, like classical Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs) and ElectroMagnetic Gravitational Wave (EMGW) counterpart emitters.
2. I am working on the Daksha mass model, which is an approximate computer model of the satellite and its instruments to recreate any observation with the help of Monte Carlo simulation.
3. I am associated with the development of a robust computer program to study the X-ray polarization from high energy space sources and applying it to ASTROSAT CZTI data and Daksha mission planning.
4.I have developeda comprehensive computation code with GEANT4 Monte Carlo simulation and Python, to be published as "Open source" to estimate the atmospheric scattering contribution from the space source to any Low Earth Orbit (LEO) space instrument.
5. I have also been working on the up-gradation of my ionospheric perturbation code to determine and model ionospheric and Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio frequency response to anomalous eruptive events in the Sun and the outer space.
6. I am interested and involved in small balloon borne space observation and scientific studies conducted by ICSP. We are working to extend it to incorporate small satellites also. We are in the process of establishing the X-ray astronomy instrumentation lab in our new campus.


Curricullam Vitae