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Mr. Kuldeep Belwal

Junior Research Scientist

Multi-Wavelength Study of Open Clusters (OCs), Searching variable stars in Ocs, Exoplanets

My name is Kuldeep Belwal, and I hold a Post-Graduation degree from Kumaun University, Nainital. With prior experience in telescope operation and observations, I am currently engaged in a Multi-wavelength study of open clusters under the guidance of Dr. Devendra Bisht. My work involves analyzing photometric data obtained from ground and space-based telescopes. I specialize in estimating various photometric parameters of open clusters, including star membership, cluster radius, age, mass, and orbital parameters. Additionally, I research the variability within open clusters, identifying

K. Belwal et. al., 'Exploring NGC 2345: A Comprehensive Study of a Young Open Cluster through Photometric and Kinematic Analysis', 2024, The Astronomical Journal, 167,


Curriculum Vitae