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Dr.Devendra Bisht

Scientist C

I have been exploring various open clusters (OCs) for the last few years. I have used OCs to study the structure and evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy using ground-based imaging and Gaia Astrometry. The other topics of my interest and ongoing research are identifying young stellar objects, Blue straggler stars, and the fraction of binary stars in OCs. Some of my research interests are as follows-
(1) Study the distribution of OCs in the 6D phase space using our observed data with Gaia DR3 kinematical data. This will improve the discovery and membership of distant clusters.
(2) To search variable stars in OCs. Variable stars are valuable tools to improve our understanding of stellar evolution and the structure of stars. It would be essential for observational studies of multi-periodic pulsating variable stars such as Scuti stars, Gamma Dor stars, and SPBS (slow pulsating B stars), etc. because they need accurate time series data to analyze their complicated light curves.
(3) Identifying the main astrophysical parameters of OCs and understanding whether the initial mass function (IMF) is universal or depends on other astrophysical parameters like the cluster's metallicity, position, and environmental condition.
(4) Spectroscopic analysis for bright stars, giant stars, etc., using the observing facility at Sitapur Observatory, other observing facilities in India, and the available spectroscopic data sets (LAMOST, APOGEE, GALAH, etc.).
(5) Polarization study of young OCs.
(6) To use various ground-based observing facilities (including a 24-inch Telescope at Sitapur Observatory) to observe transit events. The data will then be combined with already available data to elongate the time baseline for transiting exoplanets. Thus, transit timing variations can be studied.


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