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Mr. Mohit Singh Bisht

Junior Research Scientist

Study of Novae, photometric study of open clusters, searching Exoplanets

My name is Mohit Singh Bisht. I have done post-graduation in physics from Kumaun University Nainital, Uttarakhand, India. I have prior work experience of telescope operation and observations. Currently working in a 'Spectrophotometric Study of Novae under the guidance of Dr. Ashish Raj and Dr. Devendra Bisht. In this study, I analyze photometric data to derive various parameters such as absolute magnitude, luminosity of the outburst, distance to the nova, and mass of the white dwarf. Additionally, I investigate the spectral evolution of novae across different phases, ranging from early detection (with P-Cygni profile) to maximum brightness, early decline, and finally the nebular phase spectra. Through analysis of spectroscopic data, I determine parameters including ejecta velocity, optical depth, electron density, temperature, and mass of the ejecta. For further abundance analyses, I utilize the photoionization code Cloudy and also study dust formation within the ejecta. Additionally, I do photometric analysis of the observational data for open clusters and AGN.

K., Belwal, M., S., Bisht et. al. 'Exploring NGC 2345: A Comprehensive Study of a Young Open Cluster through Photometric and Kinematic Analysis', 2024, The Astronomical Journal, 167, 188.


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