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Name of the Seminar/Webinar:   ONE DAY CONFERENCE on Celebration of the Birth Centenary of two eminent Calcuttan Prof. Mrinal Kumar Das Gupta and Prof. Amal Kumar Raychaudhuri

Date of Event:  09/12/2023

Time of Event:  11:00am onwards

Place of Event:   Venue: J. N. Chakravorty Lecture Hall (ICSP)

Mode of Event:   both offline and online (for registrants only) Last Date of registration for offline mode is 5/12/2023

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Registration Link:   Registration link

Broadcast links:   No Broadcustlink

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Name of the Convenor:
Name of the Co-Convenor:
Title Name of the Speaker Time
Welcome address & An introduction on Work of Prof. Mrinal Kumar Das Gupta Sandip Kumar Chakrabarti, ICSP 11:00am - 11:10am
Reminiscence of my father as a scientist Anindya Das Gupta, Educator 11.10am - 11:20am
AKR : A solitary search for excellence Parthasarathi Majumdar, IACS 11:20am - 11:30am
Relativistic hydrodynamic simulations around accreting black holes Sudip K Garain, IISER Kolkata 11:30am - 11:55am
GRMHD accretion and jets around a black hole: Observational implications Banibrata Mukhopadhyay, IISC 11:55am - 12:20pm
Detection possibility of continuous gravitational waves from isolated, rotating, magnetized compact objects Mayusree Das, IISC 12:20pm - 12:35pm
Relativistic jets in black hole binaries: observations Arikkala Raghurama Rao, TIFR 12:35pm - 1:05pm
Effects of Spin and Magnetic fields on Jet formation around black holes Koushik Chatterjee, Harvard University, 1:05pm - 1:30pm
Matter supply in Binary accretion Sandip Kumar Chakrabarti,ICSP 2:30pm - 2:55pm
Physics of relativistic jets around black holes Indranil Chattopadhyay, ARIES 2:55pm - 3:20pm
Seeing the edge of the Universe Subir Sarkar, University of Oxford 3:20pm - 3:55pm
How to take a picture of a black hole: the technology and the theory behind the photo of the century Luciano Rezzolla, ITP, FIAS 3:55pm - 4:30pm
Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics: Probing the dark (and occasionally bright!) side of the Universe using the most precise instruments ever made David H. Reitze, Caltech 4:45pm - 5:20pm
Hint of Quantum Gravity from binary black hole merger Parthasarathi Majumdar, IACS 5:20pm - 5:45pm