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Name of the Seminar/Webinar:   Role of small Telescopes in Exciting Areas of Observational Astronomy

Date of Event:  22/11/2022

Time of Event:  2:00PM to 5:00PM

Place of Event:   Virtual

Mode of Event:   Online

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Name of the Convenor: Dr. Ashish Raj, Assistant Professor II, ICSP
Name of the Co-Convenor: Dr. Devendra Bisht, Scientist-C, ICSP
Title Name of the Speaker Time
Some observational results with Vashista, the ICSP 24 inch reflector Prof. Sandip K. Chakrabarti Director, Indian Centre for Space Physics (ICSP) Kolkata, India 2:05 -2:25 pm
Bootstrapping Forefront Science with Small Telescopes Prof. W. P. Chen, Chair Professor of Astronomy NCU, Taiwan 2:25 - 2:45 pm
Exploring Exoplanet Physics through Transit Observation Prof. Ing-Guey Jiang, Institute of Astronomy, National Tsing Hua University Taiwan 2:45-3:05 pm
The Power of Small Telescopes: The 40cm LCOs Dr. Priya Hasan, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, India 3:05 - 3:25 pm
Role of magnetic fields in star formation at different scales Dr. Archana Soam, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India 3:25 - 3:45 pm
Studies of blazars using 1m class telescopes Dr. Haritma Gaur, ARIES, Nainital, India 3:45 - 4:05 pm
KT Eri : Recurrent Nova with single reported outburst Dr. Ashish Raj ICSP, Kolkata 4:05 - 4:25 pm
Variability of stars in Open clusters Dr. Devendra Bisht ICSP, Kolkata 4:25 - 4:45 pm