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Welcome to ICSP

Indian Centre for Space Physics is a premier Research Institute dedicated to carry out research in various challenging branches of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Science. It is a Govt. aided institution, but majority of the research fund comes from projects from National and International funding agencies. Major projects are from ISRO and DST. CSIR (NET), INSPIRE, UGC scholars can also directly carry out Ph.D. programme here. It is an autonomous body, recognized by the Calcutta University and University of Gour Banga. Presently, students working towards Ph.D. are taken. However, M.Sc. students do carry out projects also.

Admissions are open for 2024-2025 for various courses (offline)

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Why Choose us

Our scope of work ranges from theory and observation to experimentation and instrumentation for astronomy and astrophysics. We have an elaborate facility for experiment with cutting edge space detectors and hand on instrument development for astronomical observation. We develop our own equipment to catch the messengers from near and deep space, whether they are radio, optical or X-ray/gamma ray. We are the only such facility in this part of the country. Associating with the activity and quest of ICSP is identical to the opening up of a whole new sky of opportunity both in finding and understand the mystery of the universe and progress in career path along the way.

Our Mission

We are working on developing facilities and carrying on missions to unravel the mystery of astronomy and astrophysics relentlessly. In addition, developing manpower to carry out this novel endeavor has been in our all-time priority. We have interests in gaining new knowledge in many fundamental aspects of space, starting from how life originated in the universe, how deep space objects behave in extremities of nature to how our only living planet is effected by space events. At the same time we are relentlessly working on increasing the awareness of the exotic science of astronomy and astrophysics by conducting many public and student awareness programs, seminars and workshops. We are starting elaborate short and long term courses for the purpose.

Our Vision

Since inception we have the aim of touching the sky on our own. We believe in possessing our own ability to capture from the vast amount of information that the universe provides us. With that aim we are eager to establish new observation and laboratory facilities and expanding the scope of our existing infrastructure. Our only commitment is towards the advancement of astronomy astrophysics and space science and contribute maximum in our ability to enhance its progress, both by doing cutting edge research and spreading mass awareness.

Our Facilities

Optical Observatory at Sitapur, West Medinipur (WB)

The Ionospheric and Earthquake Research Centre and Optical Observatory (IERCOO) is a facility established by ICSP at Sitapur, Paschim Medinipur of West Bengal for studying deep and near space environment through Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio and optical astronomy. It has all the computing and internet facilities, VLF antennas and receivers. It has a 0.25m Meade Optical Telescope and a 0.61m reflecting telescope, largest of all of eastern India. It has a guest house, equipped with solar powered electricity to accommodate ~20 students for sky watching and optical observations. Placed among the green backdrop of remote village environment and plethora of exotic natural inhabitants the center is a destination for both high end space research and exotic science oriented tour.

Guest house facility

There is a guest house facility at ICSP to accommodate students, teachers, and both residential and visiting researchers and delegates. ICSP believes in total dedication and involvements in the research and education in science. The guest house provides the state of the art amenities, facilities and security to fulfill all the requirements and need of its residential, so that they can indulge every single moment of their time and undivided attention to their work.

Our Gallery

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