RT-2 instruments were turned ON with High Voltage (HV) for the first time on 28th February, 2009. A very preliminary analysis suggests that the all 3 payloads  are working properly. The instruments (RT-2/S, RT-2/G and RT-2/CZT) health parameters are normal and stable.

First light of SUN detected by one of CZT detectors along with the Calibration source (Co-57) of 122 keV peak is seen at 330 Channel (approx.). One can view the image pattern of CZT detector with FITS image viewer (eg. FV, ds9 etc).

Orbit temperature variation of  RT-2 instruments is monitored continuously and telemetry data suggests that the orbit temperature inside the payloads is almost constant . Even after the switch ON of the instruments, the temperature  variation  in different orbit is stable  as expected. 

CORONAS-PHOTON mission was launched successfully from Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russia on 30th January, 2009. RT-2 instruments onboard are switched ON for initial verification of  health parameters on 19th February, 2009. Health parameters of ALL 3 detectors are proper and instruments are working well.