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ICSP make VLF Radio wave Receiver with E-field antenna

Product Description:

Advanced VLF antenna/receiver system for ionospheric research.

Capable of simultaneously recording multiple transmitting stations around the globe.

High-quality broadband and narrowband signal (amplitude and phase) with low electrical noise

Low cost, easy to install and assemble.

Easy to access the data (ASCII format) for research.

Can be used for research on terrestrial and solar energetic impacts on the earth's ionosphere

Product specifications:

VLF Radio wave receiver product specification

1. VLF radio wave           receiver.                                        

2. Low noise pre-amplifier.

3.E-field antenna.

4. Coaxial cable ( 15 metre) with connector.

5.Power cable and audio cable.
Advanced VLF Radio wave receiver product Specification

1. Compact VLF radio wave receiver with in-built band-pass filter and GPS receiver

2. GPS antenna with cable (3 metre long).

3. Low noise pre-amplifier

4.E-field antenna.

4. Coaxial cable ( 20 metre) with all weather usable connector

5. Power cable and audio cable.


  VLF Radio wave receiver manual        

Advanced VLF Radio wave receiver manual

Product description and installation guide in brief (youtube video link ) : click here

Click here to see the data received by the receiver

Solar eclipse data

Sun Flare data


Broadband data with narrowband data

Broadband data

E-field antenna


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