Indian Centre for Space Physics
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Advertisement Date: 15.01.2013                                    Adv. No.: ICSP/Faculty/2012-2013/1

Several faculty positions are to be filled in the following posts at the Indian Centre for Space Physics (ICSP), which is a Govt. aided autonomous institution:

   (a)  Assistant Professor  
   (b)  Associate Professor
   (c)  Professor
   (d)  Senior Professor
   (e)  Distinguished Professor


The candidates must have proven capability of showing independent research work in the fields of Astrophysics, Earth and Space Science. The candidates should also have very good consistent academic records throughout his/her career. At least 3 letters of recommendations along with updated bio-data are to be sent to:

Candidates would be asked to present a seminar and face interview board as a part of the selection procedure. Please note that processing of the applications are subject to  the approval of fund from the funding agency.