Indian Centre for Space Physics
43, Chalantika, Garia Station Road, Kolkata, India. 700 084.


At ICTP (International Centre for Theoretical Physics), Italy, we have our students and engineer working on various projects.

    XDXL (X - ray Drift (Detector) eXtra Large) : Dipak Debnath (SRF) and Debashis Bhowmick (Engineer) working on this project. Their area of work is on the development of large area, high sensitivity and high resolution  Si - Drift detector for future space astronomy missions. It has the senstivity of ~300 eV resolution in Fe 55 radioactive source for K-alpha & K-beta lines. It can work between 0.5 - 30 keV energy range with very high resolution which is very important in case of study of Black Holes and other celestical objects.
  Chandra B. Singh has been working as Junior Research Fellow (JRF) at ICSP under the program funded by ICTP, since August 2008. His area of interest is analytical study of outflows from Schwarzschild and Kerr Black holes depending upon the energy loss as well as mass loss during shock transition of accretion process.