Indian Centre for Space Physics
43, Chalantika, Garia Station Road, Kolkata, India. 700 084.





Astrochemistry/Astrobiology is an emerging field of research in which ICSP has made major contribution. For the first time its scientists asked the question: Can complex molecules which are the constituents of the RNA/DNA be formed during collapse and fragmentation of a star? Preliminary study says: Yes! It was also suggested that these complex molecules would be back to earth with the comets when they bombarded it at early history of the planet. However, an accurate answer necessarily involves the study of hydrodynamics of the collapsing gas, the grain chemistry inside the gas, the chemical evolution of the collapsing matter and most importantly, the study of the energetics of possible reactions. All these activities are done at ICSP.

Head of the Department: Dr. Ankan Das