Indian Centre for Space Physics
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Advertisement Date: 25.10.2014                Adv. No.: ICSP/ENG/2014-2015/1

ICSP invites applications for the following posts:

Assistant engineer (01)

Age Limit: 35 years as on the date of application


BE/B.TECH or equivalent with a minimum work experience of 7 years in the R&D sector.


Candidates must have

  1. Experience to work with and/or developments of Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD), charge sensitive pre-amplifiers, with Digital Signal Processing (DSP), various solid state detector systems including CdTe, Si-PIN detectors, Geiger-MĪ‹ller counters, temperature, pressure sensors, Navigational units, Inertial measurement units, in near space environments,

  2. Experience in developing ground to sky communication systems for High Altitude Balloons.

  3. Experience in handling and preparing Photo Multiplier Tubes (PMTs) based Scintillator detector systems as high energy detectors.

  4. Experience in developing receivers/antenna systems for Very Low Frequency (VLF) studies

  5. Experience in developing antenna systems for Radio astronomy

  6. Experience of programming in C, Matlab, VHDL and designing in AutoCad.

  7. Must have experience in handing PCB prototyping robotic machines and also knowledge of designing PCBs.

  8. Experience in designing Electronic circuits for various purposes.

  9. Candidate must have papers in National and International conference proceedings and refereed journals.

Interested candidates should send their resume to the following email ids:,

Candidates  must face the interview board as a part of the selection procedure.

Please note that application deadline is

Please note that due to the problem with our Web server, we are extending the deadline upto 10.11.2014.