Indian Centre for Space Physics is established in 1999 as an autonomous institution to conduct highest level of original research, to promote space science and to train young research scholars in the field of astronomy, astrophysics and space science. A large number of DST and ISRO projects are being executed here including those in astrobiology, black hole physics and satellite data analysis. It has a 10 inches optical telescope and several antennas for observational studies. A large no of students are doing their Ph.D. work. It is affiliated to Calcutta University and CSIR scholars  can also join ICSP directly. We have three branches, one is in Malda,  one is in Midnapur and other is in Coochbehar where research works are being carried out.

Apart from the serious research in space science, it is involved it is involved in popularization of space science as well. Every year its scientist visit two districts and present whole day seminars in Bengali. So far 11 district s have been covered. In 2003 , 17 telescope were made (5 inch diameter) at it workshop and were distributed free of cost to several district. In 2004, it is conducted a campaign to show Venus-Transit event to several thousand in all districts to of West Bengal. The present Quiz Competition is also a popularization event which will first to be district wise, then zone wise and finally State wide.

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